GaiaHub Herbalist - The Ultimate Notion System for Herbalists

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  • End the madness, frustration, and lost opportunities that result from using multiple notebooks and calendars to house a body of knowledge, observations, and intentions that are interconnected
  • Know exactly when and where to harvest wild foods and medicines each season, and how you can align your activities with your values and goals
  • Gain immediate insight into the contents of your apothecary and larder, as well as when items are expiring so you never lose food or medicine again!
  • Stay on top of all of your herbal medicine making and wild food processing
  • Quickly discern the perfect medicine for unique situations with advanced search features
  • Plan your activities in the field using your own historical and phenological data
  • Illustrate and deepen your understanding of relationships between particular land bases, forms of life, habitats, geological deposits, and human stories
  • Easily attribute notes to key teachers and then retrieve them for effortless assembly of presentations, writings, classes, and more
  • Manage all of the details surrounding your studies, clinical work, and teaching activities in one place
  • Free your knowledge and curiosity from silos with a system designed for the bigger ecological picture
  • Operates within Notion—a free, cloud-based software with a large user community and robust user support

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GaiaHub Herbalist - The Ultimate Notion System for Herbalists

0 ratings
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